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Airless Sprayers

Graco is the inventor of the airless spray method and is accordingly recognized as the leader in airless spray equipment.

The principle of airless sprayers is that a motor-driven pump delivers paint through a paint hose to the spray gun. The paint material passing through a small-diameter nozzle under high pressure is crushed into microscopic particles and falls on the surface to be painted.

Depending on the energy used to drive the engine, airless spraying devices are divided into: airless spraying devices with pneumatic, electric, and gasoline drives.

Airless spray benefits:

  • less paint consumption;
  • higher work speed;
  • the operator is more autonomous in work;
  • lower consumption of diluents;
  • easy-to-use pistol;
  • great for thixotropic varnishes;
  • better from an environmental point of view due to the reduction of solvent vapors.

Disadvantages of Airless Spray:

the aesthetic effect is not perfect;
airless spray equipment is expensive;
laborious maintenance and flushing of airless spray equipment;
expensive nozzles.