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Battery spray guns

Airless Cordless Spray Gun

Graco's EASYMAX ™ Airless Spray Guns combine all the latest developments in airless paint spraying! The Graco EASYMAX ™ gun uses a PROSPRAY ™ piston pump to deliver the high performance found in Graco's professional corded airless sprayers and allows for the use of a factory-made paint consistency (viscosity). The spray gun does not require preliminary thinning of the paint to the working viscosity!





  • Professional airless spray guns deliver a high quality finish that rivals Graco's standard airless paint sprayers.
  • The compact size of the spray gun provides freedom of movement for the painter.
  • Preparation for work of the spray gun is done in a matter of seconds
  • The spray gun is suitable for spraying from most interior and finishing paints without the need for preliminary thinning.
  • The spray gun creates a clear and uniform spray pattern
  • Airless, reversible, rotatable nozzles clean out in seconds

The Graco EASY MAX FF cordless airless spray gun features:

  • Possibility to apply paint layers less than 50 microns thick.
  • The presence of a handle for controlling the pressure level and a regulator of the material feed rate allows you to form an optimal painting spray, taking into account the field of application, as well as the type of nozzle and material used.
  • Ability to work with all types of solvent-based materials.
  • 25% lighter than Graco EasyMax WP water-based paint
  • Battery charging time to 80% is 25 minutes
  • It is recommended to change the repair kit after every 200-400 liters of paint.

Contents of delivery:

  • GRACO Easymax FF Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Two RAC® (Reverse-A-Clean) ProSpray nozzles
  • Two small 18V lithium-ion batteries
  • One charger for lithium-ion batteries
  • Tank (0.75 l) with lid
  • 5 replacement sachets for the cistern
  • Cordless spray gun storage case