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Centrifugal compressors Centak high pressure

For some applications, such as PET bottle blowing, special blowing types, high pressure centrifugal compressors are required.

Ingersoll-Rand manufactures 3, 4 and 5 stage compressors for these applications.

The compressor capacity inside the base frame can be selected in steps of 10 m³ / min. The capacity and pressure are determined by the combination of rotors, their rotation speeds, profiles and the number of rotor blades and diffusers.

For large frames, such combinations can be up to 90. It is this unique feature that distinguishes Centaki from any other "standard" centrifugal compressors, allowing you to select with the highest efficiency the performance and pressure of the compressor to the needs of the customer.


Simplicity of design. 100% oil-free non-contact compression cycle. Reduced performance up to 35% without bypassing. Single point air and water connections for reduced installation costs. The main oil pump, driven by a gearbox, provides lubrication during coasting. Loss-free steam traps are standard on all models. Compulsory corrosion protection for all internal channels. The advanced microprocessor-controlled CMC® proprietary controller monitors all critical system parameters in real time. Automatic dual control mode with pressure maintenance with an accuracy of 0.05 bar. On-screen start-up and basic maintenance instructions simplify operation. Intermediate coolers and end coolers are designed for a 6 ° C suction and delivery temperature difference. All components are manufactured in accordance with international standards and are labeled as suitable for use. Complete factory tests. Careful selection of system components to ensure superior performance. Noise level 82 dBa (measured in anechoic conditions with standard ODP motor)