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Closed Cycle Shot Blasting Machine (LTC)

Closed-circuit shot blasting with steel or cast iron shot resembles in many ways the traditional sand/shot blasting method, but it is dust-free and almost waste-free.

Vacuum jet technology - the concept of fast and thorough (no pollution of the environment) cleaning of various surfaces. The shot blasting machines of the LTC series presented here are capable of high-quality cleaning of the surface even in a confined space with a special jet nozzle. The spent abrasive and dust are safely sucked off by vacuum. The design of the special jet nozzle allows remote and efficient control of the abrasive feed. After hitting the surface, the shot is picked up by the airflow and then fed through the hose to the filtration unit, so the purified shot can be reused.

Shot Blasting Machine AB-1070

1070 is designed as a high-power directional vacuum blast machine that uses a continuous abrasive feed system. This feature allows the blasting machine to be compact and lightweight with minimal time required for transportation and operation.

During the surface treatment process, dust and debris from the blasting process is separated from the abrasive, which is reused. Only cleaned abrasives provide optimal and high-quality surface preparation.

Technical data:

Dimensions - 735 x 1565 x 1660 mm
The total volume of the hopper for abrasive - 38 l
Weight (empty car) - 525 kg
Gross weight (installation only) - 675 kg
Recommended compressor capacity - 8 bar, 10 m³ / min
Recommended abrasive - Cast iron shot, steel shavings, Al oxide

The AIRBLAST 1020, 1030, and 1050 LTC series blast machines are designed as high-performance direct pressure continuous shot blast machines. The compactness and portability of blast machines, combined with ease of loading and minimal maintenance time, make them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.