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Equipment for cleaning and painting pipes inside

Cleaning and painting the inner surfaces of pipes, especially small and medium-sized pipes, is a rather laborious and difficult task. Airblast offers the following solutions. Preparing the inside of the pipe is faster, easier and more economical by using a series of special nozzles to clean the inside of the pipes. It is also faster, easier and much more economical to paint the inner surfaces of the pipe using the special series of Airblast Pipecoater nozzles.


Airblast's Circleblast nozzle, model SV-0, is designed for blast cleaning of the inner surface of pipes with a diameter of 1 3/8 "to 2 3/8" (35-60 mm). The nozzle attaches to the sand/blast machine instead of the standard nozzle. During work, the abrasive is directed to the deflecting cone. The deflecting cone throws the abrasive onto the inner pipe walls. The preferred abrasive for this nozzle is steel shot.

The Airblast Circleblast is an inside pipe cleaner designed to clean pipes from 2 "to 12" ID (50 to 304 mm). The nozzle attaches to the sand / blast machine instead of the standard nozzle. During operation, the Circleblast directs the air / abrasive mixture onto a deflecting cone, which causes the abrasive particles to fly apart and clean the pipe.

The centering of the nozzle in the pipe is carried out by: "ring with legs" for pipes from 3 "to 5" (from 76 to 127 mm) and a centering carriage for pipes from 5 "to 12" (from 127 to 304 mm).

Any of the usual abrasives can be used to operate the nozzles, although using soft sand does not give the best results due to the fact that too much energy is lost when deflected by the taper. The use of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide should be avoided unless it is specifically necessary, as this causes accelerated wear. The ideal material is steel shot.


Airblast Spinnerblast attachment for sand / shot blasting machine allows cleaning the inner surface of a pipe with an inner diameter from 8 "(210mm) to 35" (890mm). The nozzle attaches to the sand / blast machine instead of the standard nozzle. As the nozzle passes through the pipe, the abrasive is ejected by two nozzles mounted on the rotating head.