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Ingersoll Rand Compressors

R Series Screw Air Compressors

The Ingersoll Rand R-Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors offer the best proven design and technology combined with new and advanced features to deliver the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and performance.

Compressors in this series are a combination of high performance and favorable price that best suits your specific needs.

T Series Reciprocating Air Compressor

The Ingersoll Rand T30 compressor has been the leader in its class since its introduction in 1929. In terms of reliability, efficiency, adaptability to tasks or ease of maintenance, it has no equal.

Designed for particularly heavy duty applications, these two-stage air compressors provide quality and efficiency that exceeds user requirements.

Nirvana series oil-filled rotary screw compressor

Compressors of this series combine a standard compressor speed controller (VSD) and a permanent magnet motor (Hybrid Permanent Magnet - HPM), which has no analogs in terms of efficiency. The use of the latest technology in the design and manufacture of Nirvana compressors has resulted in unrivaled efficiency and reliability across the entire performance range.

Compressors of this series have become a real technological breakthrough in the field of production of compressor units. The HPM motor does not use bearings. The rotor of the engine is directly connected to the shaft of the compression unit without the use of a clutch, gearbox, and belt drive. The engine is cantilevered to the flange of the compression housing to avoid issues related to engine and drive train alignment. The unsurpassed reliability and efficiency of Nirvana compressor units will help reduce your operating costs and increase the reliability of your compressed air system as a whole.

Screw Air Compressor SSR M055-075

Compressors of the SSR type provide a number of advantages such as:
- the ability to operate at ambient temperatures up to 46 ° C allows the compressor to operate in heated rooms, and also reduces the occurrence of unplanned shutdowns due to failed heat exchangers;
- anti-dust air filter increases the resource of the unit, preventing dust from entering the compressor;
- the integrated gear drive is centered and does not require adjustment during the entire service life

Screw Air Compressor SSR Series M037-045

Equipment in the new versatile 30 to 45 kW range can be customized to fully meet customer efficiency requirements. The M-Series models feature oversized airend sizes to achieve the highest efficiency values.

Sierra oil-free screw compressors

Oil-free screw compressors are a traditional Ingersoll Rand product. Over the years, experience comes, and with it new technologies and new models of compressors. The most important element of the oil-free screw compressor is its two-stage compression modulus, which is undoubtedly a high-tech product.

Approximately twenty technological steps are required for the manufacture of rotors, which ensures not only high accuracy and quality of products but also their repeatability. The use of high precision gears and matching bearings guarantees our customers a convenient, efficient, and reliable operation of the equipment.

L Series Low Pressure Oil Free Air Compressor

The L series compressor is an oil-free low pressure screw compressor with high reliability and durability. This compressor will find a worthy application in many industries and will delight the user with reliability and economy.


  • Modern design
  • NEMA 4 / IP65 electrical cabinet
  • High efficiency, low noise centrifugal fan
  • Easily removable casing doors facilitate maintenance work
  • Safe and easy maintenance of pull-out heat exchangers
  • Swivel cover of the separator tank simplifies service work
  • Ease of installation

Centrifugal Compressors Centac Series

Ingersoll Rand has been making centrifugal compressors since 1911. The first CENTAC series compressors were released in 1968. More than 30,000 compressors have been installed, tested and are still in operation in a wide variety of operating conditions. The design and technical parameters of Centak compressors are constantly updated and improved to meet the increasing demands of technical progress.

The new C1000 centrifugal compressor is designed with superior, proven technology and the very latest in mechanical engineering. To achieve the highest reliability, efficiency, and to reduce operating costs, more than 50 state-of-the-art developments have been applied to the compressor design. From the "Anywhere Access" controller to the optimized aerofoil design, all components of this machine are designed to maximize efficiency at the lowest cost.