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Isotec - a water-based insulating primer can be used, in particular, for treating surfaces with nicotine deposits and damp areas that can change the color of the finishing layer.

White water-containing acrylate resin based insulating compound.
Supplied in metal cans of 0.75L and 2.5L.
For indoor and outdoor use.

Perfectly camouflages stubborn stains from nicotine, leaks, rust and glue.
Dries quickly, odorless, solvent free, ready to use.
It can be easily painted with any latex paints.

The substrate must be dry, clean and free from grease.

Stir well and apply without thinning on a well-cleaned, washed and dried surface with a brush, in two layers, with an interval of 24 hours.
Drying time at a temperature of 23oC and a humidity of 65% is 3 hours.
You can apply plaster or paint after 24 hours.

1.0L for 6 - 10m2, depending on the number of passes.

Keep out of the reach of children. Carry out application work in a ventilated area.

Surfaces freshly plastered with a sand-cement mixture must harden for at least 6 weeks.
Clean the tool with water and soap. Store and transport in a tightly closed container at temperatures from + 5oC to + 35oC.

Not less than 12 months from the date of manufacture.