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Laser cutting machines for metal processing

Laser cutting and laser technology Trumpf

The main distinguishing feature of TRUMPF laser cutting machines is the combination of the most precise mechanical engineering technologies with modern laser technology.

The TRUMPF laser is a multifunctional tool for processing thin and thick sheet metal. TRUMPF laser cutting is used for cutting aluminum, stainless steel and structural black steel. The TRUMPF laser is designed primarily for cutting metal, but can also be used for welding and marking various materials or for processing coated metal. Laser cutting of structural steel, depending on the laser power, can be used to cut sheets up to 25 mm thick. The special TRUMPF TruLaser Tube series has been developed for pipe processing. Laser cutting provides not only high accuracy and cutting speed, but also, due to the absence of mechanical contact of the cutting head with the workpiece surface, makes it possible to use the finished part without additional processing. The metal surface remains intact, the edges of the finished part are smooth, without burrs. This is a great advantage of the laser system compared to, for example, milling machines.

All TRUMPF laser cutting machines work on the principle of "flying optics", which means that the processed sheet remains stationary, while the cutting head, on the contrary, moves in all directions, cutting the metal according to a given program. This technique has many advantages: the sheet processing speed remains high and does not depend on the weight of the metal workpiece; smooth, perfectly flat surface of the finished product without scratches; no fixing of the sheet on the worktable is required. Engraving, marking and laser cutting are performed with one emitter and are performed in one work step.

CNC TRUMPF machines are equipped with different laser powers. The power of the laser beam remains stable at any point of the surface to be machined, so the cut quality remains high even in the manufacture of small products of complex configuration.

Gas lasers TLF Turbo is a modern laser technology that uses reliable CO2 emitters in sheet and metal working. High quality radiation with low gas consumption through the use of HF Technology makes the process optimal.

TRUMPF laser cutting machines meet increased safety requirements - the working area is fenced off with a protective cabin, exhaust gases and dust are removed by multi-chamber suction systems.

The new generation of the well proven TruLaser 3030 laser machine sets new standards for sheet metal processing. The TruLaser 3030 New features innovations that will make your production even more efficient.

The concept of the TruLaser 3030 classic is based on the TruLaser 3030. The appeal of the machine lies in its robustness and in offering inexpensive options for getting started in the laser market. The differences between the TruLaser 3030, TruLaser 3040 and TruLaser 3060 laser machines lie in the size of the working area. They can handle various sheet sizes. The TruLaser 5030 differs from other machines mainly in its improved machining technology, higher dynamics and less unproductive time. A common laser head reduces changeover time and reduces the chance of laser cutting errors.

TRUMPF laser cutting machines enable the use of TRUMPF LiftMaster sheet metal loading and unloading automation devices and automatic storage systems. Thousands of machines from the TRUMATIC Lund TruLaser series are in production all over the world and are successfully used for the processing of sheet and heavy plate.