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Lathes for metal processing

Machine tools are the backbone of all industrial production. The automotive industry, medical device manufacturing, aviation and space would not exist without precision metalworking equipment.

The German company SPINNER was founded in 1949 and has been producing a full range of turning and milling equipment for more than 60 years to solve any technological problem.

SPINNER precision machines are successfully used worldwide in more than 40 countries. SPINNER machines are used in various industries by both relatively small enterprises and large global concerns.

A wide range of equipment manufactured by SPINNER allows you to solve any production problem in the field of metalworking. Favorable price-quality ratio, short delivery times, as well as high-quality technological and service support of the customer allowed SPINNER to gain a leading position in its price segment.

SPINNER machines are:

  • Super Precision
  • Best repeatability
  • High speed
  • Efficiency
  • Operational Service
  • Satisfied Customers

Today, Spinner equipment is represented by the following model range:

Vertical and horizontal machining centers:

  • MVC - universal vertical machining centers;
  • VC - highly dynamic vertical machining centers;
  • U - high-tech vertical machining centers;
  • DMH - gantry vertical machining centers;
  • EH - horizontal machining centers.


  1. SB / PD - high-precision lathes;
  2. TD - high-performance turning centers;
  3. EL - inexpensive universal turning centers;
  4. TS - universal turning centers;
  5. TM - turning and milling machining centers;

Spinner bar loaders.

Universal sharpening machines:

Universal grinding machine SM.