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Multi-component sprayers

XM plural-component sprayers

Xtreme Air Motors with NXT Technology

Motors with integrated linear encoder
Anti-icing protection
Graco Control Structure (GCA)
Double effective consumption (compared to Xtreme Mix series)

Supports multiple spray gun types to improve productivity and profitability


  • Improved mixing
  • Faster settling of materials
  • Shorter inline hose (less material loss)
  • XP multi-component pipette

 Reduces material loss

  • No need to throw out mixed material when work is interrupted
  • Minimum hose length reduces the amount of mixed material
  • The fast and easy rinsing procedure
  • Reduces solvent consumption
  • No need for thorough flushing of all equipment
  • It is possible to use an external mixer to reduce the length of the working hose
  • Eliminates the need to flush extra meters of hose
  • Real cost savings

Saving money for materials
Increases efficiency, reduces recycling, improves overall coating quality

Manual mixing cannot be consistently accurate. directly dependent on the human factor