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Painting equipment GRACO

The best systems for pumping, spraying and extruding liquids

Founded in 1926, GRACO (USA) is a world leader in the production of high-pressure pumps, systems for supplying and spraying various materials, including high-viscosity industrial painting units and road marking machines.

Airless painting units GRACO are widely used in industrial and civil construction, in the repair of buildings and structures, for applying liquid roofing mastics and fire-retardant pastes, for painting metal structures, tanks, concrete structures and bridges, as well as for applying high-viscosity protective materials to various surfaces.

Among the equipment manufactured by GRACO:

  • electrically driven airless sprayers
  • gasoline powered airless sprayers
  • pneumatically driven airless sprayers
  • diaphragm pumps
  • piston pumps
  • apparatus for applying multicomponent coatings
  • putty applicators
  • road marking machines
  • spray guns
  • accessories and spare parts

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