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Voorstriquite is an inexpensive white fine-grained primer for all decorative plasters. The primer is resistant to weathering and acids, has good adhesion properties for the finishing layer and eliminates the absorbency of the surface.

A white, well-covering, quartz-containing primer for all types of plasters and paints based on artificial resin dispersion. For indoor and outdoor use



Use on smooth layers of paint, as well as on colored substrates: cement, plastered, concrete, gypsum plasterboards, etc. and in the case of outdoor plastering.

- Resists alkalis
- Atmospheric resistant
- Elastic
- Attaches well
- Can be applied as structural paint outside

White can be colorized with a universal color paste.

Stir well before use, do not dilute. Apply a well-covering layer with a block brush.

Drying time:
With that. 23 ° C and 65% relative humidity.

Dries up:
In 2 hours

in 18 hours

Application system

The supporting base must be clean, dry, free from dust and grease. Repair cracks, cracks.

Remove and restore unstable and lagging layers completely.

Remove moss and other vegetation when working outdoors.

Treat the substrate with Finess Voorstrijkmiddel or Finess (Transparent primer) Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White stripped primer).

Always treat with Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White screed primer)

Existing plaster:
Rinse with water, degrease, allow to dry, then treat with Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White ripped primer)

Loose bases:
Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Then treat with Finess Fixeermiddel (Fixing primer),
then apply Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White ripped primer)


Washable paint layers:
Rinse off completely. First treat with Finess Fixeermiddel (Fixing primer), then apply Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit
(White ripped primer)

Remove plaque with a brush. Then treat with Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White ripped primer)

Aerated concrete:
Surface with Speciaal Grondeermiddel (Special primer), plaster, allow to dry, then apply Finess Voorstrijmiddel Wit (White primer)

Plasterboard panels:
Cover the joints with mesh tape, fill them with Jointfiller.
After drying, treat with Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White ripped primer)

MDF, chipboard, panels, etc.
Free from dust, cover with Finess Isoleermiddel (Insulating medium), with further plastering, apply first and Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White primer)

Stable paint layers:
Clean the matte layers with Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit. Sand smooth layers and remove dust.

Non-washable stains from nicotine leaks, rust:
Rinse with water, degrease, dry well. Then isolate the stain with Finess Isoleermiddel (Finess Insulating Primer), while plastering, first apply Finess Voorstrijkmiddel Wit (White Soak Primer), then the plaster.

Technical data

Binding composition:
100% acrylate resin dispersion

Rutile Titanium dioxide and fine quartz chips


PVC: 60

Constant components:
40% by weight

Specific gravity:
about 1,455

Brookfield 100 Poise RVT

Gloss degree:


Tool cleaning:
Water and soap

Adheres well to clean substrates, elastic, penetrates well into the substrate, can be used inside and outside for latex and plastering work ..

Burning point:

Danger level:

Min. 12 months in a well sealed container in a cool, dry place. above 0 ° C.

Use with that. not lower than +8 ° С. When working outdoors, do not use in frost, strong sun and rain. Allow freshly cemented substrates to harden for 6 weeks.

Ventilate during and after use.