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Protective equipment and accessories

When carrying out sandblasting work, high requirements are imposed on the special protective equipment of the sandblaster, in particular, this applies to respiratory protection. Therefore, when creating special protective equipment "AIRBLAST" for sandblasting, as well as painting work, safety requirements are fully taken into account. There are 2 types of sandblaster helmets: Extreme and Panorama.

The Extreme Sandblaster Safety Helmet is made of lightweight yet durable composite material, reinforced with a polyester layer, and has a removable rubber cover over it. This coating makes the Extreme One helmet resistant to abrasion and improves noise isolation.

An important feature of the Extreme helmet is the use of regular flat glass, which is mounted in a plastic frame with a rubber seal and protected by a wire mesh. It is possible to cut such glass even at home. Extreme is equipped with a compressed air volume indicator and pressure regulator.

The Panorama helmet, thanks to its rubberized surface and wide panoramic sight, provides both reliable protection for the operator and maximum comfort during work. The rubberized surface of the helmet makes it resistant to abrasion and improves noise isolation. The wide reticle of the viewing window is protected by a synthetic film and wire mesh. Films are supplied in packs of 100 and are replaced as they wear out. The Panorama helmet is equipped with a compressed air volume indicator and a pressure regulator.

Standard protective kit for sandblasting

Includes face shield, split leather suit, and split leather gloves.

Vortex air conditioner

It works on the principle of a vortex separation of air flows and is designed to heat or cool the breathing air coming from the filter to the protective helmet. The breathing air temperature at the outlet of the Vortex air conditioner is 20 ° C lower or higher than the inlet air temperature.

Breathing Air Filter HAF-41

Designed to clean compressed air supplied to a protective helmet.
The HAF 41 filter removes condensate, oil and up to 98% of particles down to 0.5 microns from compressed air, but does not remove carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic gases.
The HAF 41 breathing air filter is equipped with a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, safety valve and condensate drain cock.