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Transfer pumps

Graco transfer pumps, as well as installations based on them, due to their technical characteristics, have found the widest application in all kinds of industries. Transfer pumps are ideal for handling viscous, chemically aggressive and mechanically entrained liquids. The possibility of dry suction at a considerable height, as well as the ability to accurately adjust the speed without loss of pressure, adjust the flow rate and pressure, the ability to operate for a long time - makes these pumps universal. Graco has been making its equipment for decades and has improved its models to the maximum for convenient, quality and reliable use.

Husky pumps are diaphragm (diaphragm) pumps that are used to pump abrasive, viscous, aggressive, hazardous and flammable liquids: acid, alkali, slurry, sludge, paint, varnish, glue, latex, oil, grease, viscous slurry, dirty water with large inclusions, silt, dirt, gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, paint, process water, detergent solutions, galvanic solutions.

The piston pumps offered by Graco are of a wide variety of designs and applications. The action of such pumps consists of alternating processes of suction and discharge, which are carried out in the pump cylinder with the corresponding direction of movement of the working element - piston or plunger. Piston pumps are used in construction, factory automation, agriculture and utilities, automotive and chemical industries and construction.

Graco Peristaltic Pumps are devices for directed displacement of fluids through flexible tubing. During their operation, the pumped substances come into contact only with the inner surfaces of clean and chemically inactive tubing-hoses. This eliminates the mutual negative influence of liquids and surfaces of pump mechanisms. Peristaltic pumps are designed for pumping high-density liquids, as well as aggressive, chemically active, viscous substances that are destroyed by mechanical action.

After analyzing the operation of peristaltic pumps from leading manufacturers such as Albin pump, Bredel, Boyser, Delasco, LongerPump, Elro, Ecoline, Graco has improved the operation of the roller, in the new model of the EP series peristaltic pump, the pressure roller displaces material in the hose throughout the entire 360 ​​° working course. This extends hose life, which reduces pump maintenance downtime. The SaniForce HS series of pumps consists of: Air-driven diaphragm pumps; Piston transfer pumps; Pumping units for barrels and containers; High pressure washing equipment.

Indispensable if the surface roughness of the parts is critical; suitable for those tasks where the ability to quickly uninstall is important. All models are FDA compliant and can be removed in less than 5 minutes. These pumps are specially made for the food and medical industry. Stainless steel of the highest standard prevents the formation of foreign microbes. Fully polished pump internals prevent adhesion of pumping agents.