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Interior / exterior paint - High quality acrylic, vapor permeable, breathable water based paint. Matt. Virtually odorless. Contains substances that prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Washable according to DIN53778 up to 2000 passes. Supplied in white (base P). It is tinted both manually and on the SPS tinting machine using universal concentrated dyes.

Suitable for all types of outdoor and indoor work in dry rooms and rooms with high humidity.

Possible bases for use: cement plaster, plaster, wallpaper, concrete, brick, sand-lime brick, gypsum board, fiberboard, etc.

Initial painting in two layers. For the first layer, add water up to 10%. It is not recommended to dilute the second layer. Drying time between layers 6-8 hours. Complete drying for 24 hours. Full hardening 10-14 days.

Supplied in packs of 4 and 10 liters. Consumption 8-9 square meters per liter, depending on the absorbency of the surface in a single coat.

Binder composition:
Acrylate resin dispersion.

White - titanium dioxide and mineral fillers.


Constant components:
36% by weight

Specific gravity:
1.440 kg / l.

Viscolab LC 3: 4.5 PaS.

Particle grinding size:
60 microns.

Gloss level:


Shelf life:

Minimum 18 months, in well sealed containers, in a cool, dry place at temperatures above + 3 ° C.
Do not use at temperatures lower than +8 C.
Allow freshly cemented substrates to dry for at least 6 weeks.
Ventilate the room during use.

Application technology:

Stir the paint well before use. When applying the first layer, dilute the paint with water up to 10% by volume. The second coat should be applied with undiluted paint.

Paint is applied using a block brush, fur roller or airless spray.

The substrate must be clean, dry, free from dust and grease. Cracks, cracks, irregularities must be putty, lagging, unstable layers must be removed.

Treat the surface with a deep penetration primer.

Loose bases:
Rinse thoroughly with clean water, remove loose layers, allow to dry, prime with deep penetration primer.

Painted surfaces (whitewash, w / e paint):
Thoroughly rinse off the lagging layers, allow to dry, treat with a deep penetration primer.

Thoroughly remove false skin and powdery plaque with a steel brush, fill cracks, allow to dry, treat with a deep penetration primer.

Aerated concrete:
Pre-treat with a special primer that eliminates increased absorbency, apply a layer of plaster, allow to dry, treat with a deep penetration primer.

Plasterboard panels:
Glue the seams with a serpentine and putty, allow to dry, treat with a deep penetration primer.

Fiber boards (MDF, fiberboard, chipboard, etc.):
Sand smooth boards, free of dust, then treat with an insulating primer (eg SPS Isotec).

Existing paint layers:
Rinse with water and degrease. Allow to dry. Sand shiny layers and remove dust.

Existing stains (nicotine, smudges, rust, etc.):
Rinse with water, degrease, allow to dry, treat with an insulating agent (eg SPS Isotec).